Stefan Due Schmidt
Inline & Long-Track speed skater with dreams both on asphalt & ice.
​Want to qualify for Olympics, bike around the World and be a good big-brother. 

The story about a happy, naive kid on skates...​​
Back in 2000, at the age of 6, I started skating on ramps in my home-town Copenhagen. I was just playing around, having fun and wanted to be like the cool older kids. One day I challening one of the older kids to a race around the park...
I won.  From then on, it has only gone faster and faster...

In 2003 I did my first inline race, in 2007 I joined the national team, in 2011 I became European Champion for the first time and has since then been part of the World top and continue to be at the highest level at European and World Champs. 

In the winter of 2008 I stepped on the ice for the first time. After qualifying for the Junior World Championship at my very first World Cup race, I had a new dream... I wanted to go to the Olympics! With inline speed skating not being on the Olympic program, this seemed like my ticket to just that. 

I am currently studying an online-based bachelor in "Nutrition and Health" and I feel grateful to otherwise have an existence as a full-time athlete with the oppertunity to go after my dream and do what I love on a daily basis!