• Inline Speed Skater...

  • ...turning Long-Track Speed Skater...

  • ...aiming for Olympics 2018

  • 3x European Champ

  • 24/7 mentality - skater on & off the ice/asphalt

  • History in the making

  • Inliner by heart

  • Skating all over the World - enjoying the travels

  • Trying to keep remembering: FUN COMES FIRST!

On this site, I’ll introduce you to my world of sports and keep you updated on what I’m up to right now.
As well, I‘ll post thoughts, insights and whatever I come up with on my blog here.

Hope you’ll enjoy following!
Stefan Due Schmidt

In short, who am I?

* Young athlete from Copenhagen, Denmark skating fast around in circles both on Inline and Ice.
* Passionate athlete with a plan towards the Olympics 2018 and going to the top in skating.
​Nutrition student, European Champion, big brother, fun-haver, life-enjoyer and so much more!

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